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BZFlag is a free 3D online multi-player multi-platform tank battle game. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, BSD, and other platforms.

Release History

  • 2.4.26 "Tanksgiving" (2022-11-20)

    This release mainly fixes a few client bugs:

    • Audio pops should be fixed.
    • Positional audio in observer mode now uses the camera direction.
    • Fixed a regression that caused some textures to render skewed.
    • Fixed the Machine Gun firing continuously when the mouse wheel is used to fire.
  • 2.4.24 "Thank you for your input" (2022-03-08)

    This release works around an event polling regression in SDL 2.0.20 that caused our game to appear unresponsive. There's a few other small changes as well.

  • 2.4.22 "Eyes are windows to your SDL" (2021-02-27)

    This release fixes several issues with SDL 2 window management. This fixed a lot of edge cases, mainly with macOS and Linux. There were also a few other minor fixes with plugins and the handling of autopilot and bots.

  • 2.4.20 "Do You See What I See?" (2020-04-24)

    This release added several new functions/events to the bzfs API and reorganized the client menus to improve usability. It also adjusts some default options, such as radar size, to improve the new user experience.

  • 2.4.18 "Can You Hear What I Hear?" (2018-10-18)

    This release just fixes audio on Windows.

  • 2.4.16 "Reduce, Reuse, Replay" (2018-09-23)

    This release primarily fixes a bug introduced in 2.4.14 that corrupted replay file headers. This release reverts that change, and can also read the corrupted header for replays made with the bad code.

    NOTE: Sound in the the Windows version of this release does not work. This will be fixed in the 2.4.18 release.

  • 2.4.14 "Hello Motto" (2018-05-02)

    This release had several fixes and some new features.

    • The mute/kill/kick/ban messages no longer display admin callsigns, and the ban message shows the remaining ban time.
    • World weapon API has been revamped, including new bz_eServerShotFiredEvent and bz_eAllowServerShotFiredEvent events.
    • New showMotto permission to control which players are allowed to set a motto.
    • Custom BZDB variables defined by plugins no longer require using -setforced to set them from configuration file.
    • The number pad keys are now treated uniquely for key mapping with SDL2.
    • Antialiasing now works when starting the client windowed.
  • 2.4.12 "Silence is Golden" (2017-10-29)

    This release had a few additional features and some minor fixes.

    • Multisampling (anti-aliasing) now works on all platforms with SDL
    • The permission for running /poll set is no longer assigned by default
    • The macOS build uses a newly released version of SDL that fixes an issue with retina macs when running in a scaled resolution
    • It is possible to silence all unregistered players in your client by silencing - (the minus sign or hyphen), similar to how silencing * (asterisk) silences all players. Additionally, the /silence and /unsilence commands both work correctly now and support both special cases.
  • 2.4.10 "This is How We Roll" (2017-03-12)

    This release had a few additional features and some minor fixes.

    • Multisampling support under SDL 2 on macOS
    • Added an option to invert one or both joystick axes
    • Add ability to reload badwords list with '/reload badwords'
    • It is possible for bzfs plugins to register new types of polls
    • Fix high DPI handling on Windows (again, since it broke when we switched to using SDL2)
  • 2.4.8 "Sixteen" (2016-10-10)

    This release just had some more minor fixes

    • Increase the range of the volume slider (which I think means the volume slider has a more noticeable effect now)
    • Send a notification when a BZDB variable is reset
    • Add an indicator to the server list when a server has team killing disabled
    • Reduce CPU usage on Windows when the client is minimized (like how it used to be prior to 2.4.6)
    • Added a Russian transliteration of the translation we had in 2.99.x
  • 2.4.6 "Eight, Our Codebase is Overweight" (2016-06-26)

    This release consists of a few new features for clients and fixes issues on Windows 10 with AMD drivers.

    • Plug-in documentation has been rewritten and updated to be more user-friendly
    • RogueGenocide plug-in now defaults to ignoring self-kills
    • Fixes to keypad keys when using SDL2; they are now handled correctly
    • Timestamps can now be saved with /savemsg using the '-t' option; e.g. '/savemsg -t'
    • View timestamps of when console messages were sent, can be configured through Options > GUI Settings > Timestamps in console
    • New cycleRadar and cyclePanel key bindings were added
  • 2.4.4 "Be My Valentank" (2016-02-14)

    This release encompasses several years of effort and a variety of fixes and improvements. Some of the more notable changes are as follows:

    • Several new server plug-ins
    • Numerous new API features
    • Several new server permissions for more finely-tuned server administration
    • Several improvements to the match countdown process
    • A new Xcode project file for Mac OS X, replacing the previous system which had many problems
    • Automatic reset of the game at the start of a match (score reset and players spawn on the base)
    • Tracking of self-kills on the scoreboard
    • SDL 2 support, which corrects an issue where the game would fail to launch on several newer versions of Mac OS X
    • The radar and console can now be resized individually
    • CIDR ban support on the server for more targeted ban ranges
    • A new font import tool and higher-resolution fonts included for a smoother appearance
    • Serif font replaced by sans-serif font for a more consistent appearance
    • Automatic team assignment improvements so that the weaker teams get the new players more often
    • Vertical sync option in display settings on Mac OS X and Linux
    • List server transactions are now sent using SSL/TLS by default
    • Simpler method for including third-party server plugins in build system
    • Several security improvements to harden server against remote exploit attempts
    • Server list sorting now ignores the observer count and includes a random factor for more fair server exposure
    • Improved support for custom colors for color vision deficient players
    • Improved server list filtering including custom filter editing and help information
  • 2.4.2 "Doomsday Edition" (2012-07-28)

    This is a very minor update with no major features. The primary goal for the release is to have a new package for the Debian maintainers to use in Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

    • Options chat on the left and radar on the right.
    • Lagging and leading shot lines on radar.
    • Support for Joystick hats in Linux, SDL, and Windows.
    • UPnP setup option for servers that can be enabled at build time.
    • Inclusion of the fairCTF, autoFlagReset, and FastMap plugins.
    • BZadmin on windows has colors like the Linux one.
  • 2.4.0 "Wake the Dead" (2011-07-03)

    This is a new major release of the game that is incompatible with the previous 2.0.x version of the game. Some of the major features include:

    • The ability to turn off teamkilling on the server
    • The OpenFFA game mode which is a teamless FFA, meaning you can shoot anyone regardless of color
    • Per-object ricochet, which lets map authors selectively enable ricochet for individual objects
    • Removal of local authentication
    • Ability for the server to force flags to be hidden on the radar
    • Fog can not be turned off
    • The screenshot code does not lag the client badly anymore
    • The ID flag identification was moved to the server
    • Public servers must have a -publickey
    • Polls only count users that are able to vote
  • 2.0.16 "No Foolin'" (2010-04-01)

  • 2.0.14 "This isn't the release you are looking for." (2010-02-15)

  • 2.0.12 "The release without a name." (2008-06-25)

  • 2.0.10 "Never Say Never" (2007-11-16)

  • 2.0.8 "Oops, Happy Mother's Day" (2006-05-13)

  • 2.0.6 "Good enough for now" (2006-04-09)

  • 2.0.4 "Shiny" (2005-09-30)

  • 2.0.2 "Queen of Maybe" (2005-03-18)

  • 2.0.0 "Falcor's Despair" (2005-01-17)

  • 1.10.8 "lightning strikes back - list server returns" (2004-10-05)

  • 1.10.6 "the little hop" (2004-05-14)

  • 1.10.4 "not a smurf" (2004-01-24)

  • 1.10.2 (2003-12-23)

  • 1.10.0 "Break the world" (2003-12-09)

  • 1.7g2 "Steely Eyed Banana" (2003-06-17)

  • 1.7g0 "Holy Dancing Monkeys" (2002-12-08)

  • 1.7e6 (2002-06-19)

  • 1.7e4 (2001-11-27)

  • 1.7e2 (2001-04-17)

  • 1.7e1 (2001-03-10)

  • 1.7e0 (2001-01-26)

  • 1.7d9 (2000-02-01)

  • 1.7c (1999-06-01)

    Preliminary open source release