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BZFlag 2.4.22

Release Date
Release Name
"Eyes are windows to your SDL"

Change Summary

This release fixes several issues with SDL 2 window management. This fixed a lot of edge cases, mainly with macOS and Linux. There were also a few other minor fixes with plugins and the handling of autopilot and bots.

Change Log

  • Fix many issues with SDL 2 window management - Joshua Bodine, Scott Wichser
  • The playHistoryTracker plugin now tracks kills correctly - Scott Wichser
  • Local shotID was not being set in bz_eShotFiredEvent - Agatha
  • Send active autopilot statuses to a joining player - Scott Wichser
  • Fix solo bots being kicked when rejoining to a server - Scott Wichser
  • Fix the backspace key not working on the bzadmin Curses menu - Scott Wichser