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BZFlag 2.4.12

Release Date
Release Name
"Silence is Golden"

Change Summary

This release had a few additional features and some minor fixes.

  • Multisampling (anti-aliasing) now works on all platforms with SDL
  • The permission for running /poll set is no longer assigned by default
  • The macOS build uses a newly released version of SDL that fixes an issue with retina macs when running in a scaled resolution
  • It is possible to silence all unregistered players in your client by silencing - (the minus sign or hyphen), similar to how silencing * (asterisk) silences all players. Additionally, the /silence and /unsilence commands both work correctly now and support both special cases.

Change Log

  • Allow API to trigger CTF capture event - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Allow setting default values for BZDB from API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add bzu_getTeamFromFlag() convenience function - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add new functions to the bz_APIStringList - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add string utility functions to the API and TextUtils - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Fixed an issue with ASCII characters from modified non-ASCII keys in SDL 2 - Joshua Bodine
  • Fixed compilation on macOS when using autotools/gcc - Mike Miller
  • Don't send client queries on behalf of players - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Removed pollSet as a default perm in bzfs - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Player records canSpawn value no longer always returns true - Vladimir Jimenez
  • bz_addURLJob() now supports setting HTTP headers - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Made multisampling work on all platforms with SDL 1.2/2 - Joshua Bodine
  • Add bz_eMuteEvent and bz_eUnmuteEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add configure --disable-server option - Jeff Makey
  • Add bz_isPlayerAutoPilot() to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add bz_eAutoPilotEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add bz_getServerOwner() API function - Vladimir Jimenez
  • The _maxFlagGrabs BZDB setting is no longer a random number - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add API access for the handicap system - Jeff Myers, Vladimir Jimenez
  • Remove Xcode references to deployment targets except for main project - Joshua Bodine
  • Allow silencing unregistered players in the client - Scott Wichser
  • Fix the /silence and /unsilence client commands - Scott Wichser