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BZFlag 2.4.0

Release Date
Release Name
"Wake the Dead"

Change Summary

This is a new major release of the game that is incompatible with the previous 2.0.x version of the game. Some of the major features include:

  • The ability to turn off teamkilling on the server
  • The OpenFFA game mode which is a teamless FFA, meaning you can shoot anyone regardless of color
  • Per-object ricochet, which lets map authors selectively enable ricochet for individual objects
  • Removal of local authentication
  • Ability for the server to force flags to be hidden on the radar
  • Fog can not be turned off
  • The screenshot code does not lag the client badly anymore
  • The ID flag identification was moved to the server
  • Public servers must have a -publickey
  • Polls only count users that are able to vote

Change Log

  • Shot messages are synchronized with position - Alfredo Tupone
  • Added /playerlist for everyone - Thomas Stauer
  • Added message type for properly handling /me actions - Scott Wichser
  • Added BZDB option to hide flags on radar server side - David Anderson
  • Removed /setpass /register /identify - David Anderson
  • Handicap is computed on the server - Alfredo Tupone, Bernt Hansen
  • Allow plugins to register custom flag types - Daniel Remenak
  • Forced * for image downloads until user sets otherwise - David Anderson
  • Accepted patch from McSpider, added OpenFFA - David Anderson
  • Removed -requireUDP, now it is always required - David Anderson
  • Accepted patch from McSpider, removed client option to turn off fog - David Anderson
  • Accepted patch from McSpider, added -noTeamKills option - David Anderson
  • Removed -3Dfx, -no3Dfx. Moved -geometry -> -window <geometry-spec> - David Anderson
  • Add ricochet on a per object basis for .bzw files - trepan, David Anderson
  • serverControl plugin- Add option to ignore observers for server shutdowns - Bernt Hansen
  • serverControl plugin- Only report ban file access errors once - Bernt Hansen
  • serverControl plugin- Limit filesystem checks to once every 3 seconds - Bernt Hansen
  • LogDetail plugin-Add SERVER-MAPNAME with the public server description - Bernt Hansen
  • The bzfs -time command line option allows end time - Scott Wichser, Ian Agar
  • screenshots now compressed asynchronously - Daniel Remenak, randomparticle
  • Add /serverdebug command and plugin API - Bernt Hansen
  • Add bzfs -utc command line option to log timestamps using universal time - Bernt Hansen
  • Fix buffer overrun when using -ts micros on Linux - trepan, Bernt Hansen
  • Only players with POLL permission are eligible to vote - Bernt Hansen
  • Only allow a single end shot credit for holding the shield flag - Bernt Hansen
  • Do not inform hunters of stealthy prey - Ian Agar
  • All scores are controlled completely by the server - Daniel Remenak
  • Relabel player "email" string as "motto" - Jeff Makey
  • Require TALK privilege for player motto to be broadcast - Jeff Makey
  • Always require valid authentication for registered names - Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
  • Move flag identification server side - Alfredo Tupone, Jeff Myers, Frank Evers, Scott Wichser
  • GM sanity checks - Alfredo Tupone
  • Added the -publickey requirement for publicly listed servers (and renamed the bzfs -public option to -publictitle) - trepan, Jeff Myers