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BZFlag 2.4.8

Release Date
Release Name

Change Summary

This release just had some more minor fixes

  • Increase the range of the volume slider (which I think means the volume slider has a more noticeable effect now)
  • Send a notification when a BZDB variable is reset
  • Add an indicator to the server list when a server has team killing disabled
  • Reduce CPU usage on Windows when the client is minimized (like how it used to be prior to 2.4.6)
  • Added a Russian transliteration of the translation we had in 2.99.x

Change Log

  • Add Russian transliteration - Ruslan Hihin, Aleksandr Lahin
  • Fix a regression in 2.4.6 where the client would not reduce CPU usage when minimized on Windows - Scott Wichser
  • On autotools platforms, try to use SDL2, then SDL1, and then fall back to native platform code. Allow specifying an SDL version as well. - Scott Wichser
  • Prevent some more bzfs options from being specified in a world file - Scott Wichser
  • Cleaned up some GCC6 warnings - Scott Wichser
  • Spawn all players on base when a timed game starts - Konstantinos Kanavouras
  • Add indicator for -noTeamKill servers on server list - Konstantinos Kanavouras
  • Send a notification to admins when a BZDB variable is reset - Konstantinos Kanavouras
  • Increase the range of the volume slider - Konstantinos Kanavouras