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BZFlag 2.4.14

Release Date
Release Name
"Hello Motto"

Change Summary

This release had several fixes and some new features.

  • The mute/kill/kick/ban messages no longer display admin callsigns, and the ban message shows the remaining ban time.
  • World weapon API has been revamped, including new bz_eServerShotFiredEvent and bz_eAllowServerShotFiredEvent events.
  • New showMotto permission to control which players are allowed to set a motto.
  • Custom BZDB variables defined by plugins no longer require using -setforced to set them from configuration file.
  • The number pad keys are now treated uniquely for key mapping with SDL2.
  • Antialiasing now works when starting the client windowed.

Change Log

  • Add new bz_eAllowServerShotFiredEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Fix antialiasing when starting the client windowed - Joshua Bodine
  • Update the Windows icon file to include larger icons - Scott Wichser
  • Treat the number pad keys uniquely for key mapping with SDL2 - Scott Wichser
  • Better cpu selection for x86_64 - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fix build with enable-profile - Alfredo Tupone
  • Add safety check when getting flags (bzfs) - Alfredo Tupone
  • Add min/../max to drawTime - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fix the -configdir option for the client - Scott Wichser
  • Upgrade Windows projects to Visual Studio 2017 - Scott Wichser, Jeff Myers
  • Improve support for custom BZDB vars in plug-ins - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Fix truncation warnings - Jeff Makey, Alfredo Tupone
  • Add new bz_ePermissionModificationEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Introduce new 'showMotto' permission - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Fix gcc warnings and code formatting - Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
  • Remove old BitmapFont renderer - Scott Wichser
  • Add new bz_eServerShotFiredEvent to the API - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Revamp the world weapon API entirely - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Add PLAYER-MOTTO output to logDetail plugin - Scott Wichser
  • Display remaining ban time when a banned player connects - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Punitive messages no longer display admin callsigns - Vladimir Jimenez
  • Slash commands in the API now know destination channel - Jeff Myers
  • Allow building with lcc compiler on e2k-alt-linux - Joshua Bodine
  • Fix ability to bind a key with a modifier through menu - Joshua Bodine
  • Disallow -helpmsg from world files - Vladimir Jimenez