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BZFlag 2.4.2

Release Date
Release Name
"Doomsday Edition"

Change Summary

This is a very minor update with no major features. The primary goal for the release is to have a new package for the Debian maintainers to use in Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions.

  • Options chat on the left and radar on the right.
  • Lagging and leading shot lines on radar.
  • Support for Joystick hats in Linux, SDL, and Windows.
  • UPnP setup option for servers that can be enabled at build time.
  • Inclusion of the fairCTF, autoFlagReset, and FastMap plugins.
  • BZadmin on windows has colors like the Linux one.

Change Log

  • Added UPnP option to configure server networking - Alfredo Tupone
  • Added an option to have both leading and lagging radar shot lines - David Anderson
  • Prevent prohibited solo bots from joining, rather than kick afterward - Scott Wichser, Jeff Makey
  • Add thiefControl plugin which prevents stealing flags from teammates - Bernt Hansen, Scott Wichser
  • Preserve shot-limited flag behavior on final shot - David Anderson
  • Remove the -zoom command line option from bzflag - Jeff Makey
  • Provide observer team chat in OpenFFA mode - David Anderson
  • Add fairCTF plugin - Chris Wible
  • Allow plugins to specify a color when firing world weapons - Chris Wible
  • Add option for chat on the left and radar on the right - Kyle Mills
  • Add autoFlagReset plugin - Chris Wible
  • Allow joystick hats as input on Evdev, SDL, and Windows platforms - Kyle Mills and Jeffery Myers
  • Added Fastmap Plugin - Jeffery Myers