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BZFlag 2.4.26

Release Date
Release Name

Change Summary

This release mainly fixes a few client bugs:

  • Audio pops should be fixed.
  • Positional audio in observer mode now uses the camera direction.
  • Fixed a regression that caused some textures to render skewed.
  • Fixed the Machine Gun firing continuously when the mouse wheel is used to fire.

Change Log

  • Fix incorrect rotation math for API custom zones - Alfredo Tupone, Vladimir Jimenez
  • Do not block on TCP recv - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fix select() block timeout, reducing CPU usage - DeathByDenim
  • Fix rendering regression that displayed skewed textures - Alfredo Tupone, Agatha
  • Fix positional audio direction when in observer mode - Scott Wichser
  • Fix audio pops - Scott Wichser
  • Fix Machine Gun firing continuously when mouse wheel is bound to fire - Scott Wichser