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BZFlag 2.0.4

Release Date
Release Name

Change Log

  • Fixed server join bug when cached worlds disappear - Sean Morrison
  • Prevent phantom zoned players from pausing - Sean Morrison
  • Implemented multiple player hunt - Mark Thomas
  • Directional keys pressing works, even in joy/mouse mode - Tupone Alfredo
  • Jitter compensation removed. Too bad behaviour on ME players - Tupone Alfredo
  • Put spawn params in BZDB to let server owners mod them as needed - Jeff Myers
  • Fixed ban admin bug - Julio Jimenez
  • Added /sendhelp command - Mike Weisenborn, Mark Thomas
  • /ban /hostban take time keywords (short ...) too - Jeff Myers, Alfredo Tupone
  • Inertia style indication is no longer used - Alfredo Tupone
  • No more restriction on M (Momentum) flag - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixing authentication when changing callsign/password - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixing authentication when joining from command-line - Alfredo Tupone
  • Executing abbreviated server command '*' terminated - Alfredo Tupone
  • Getting one-line-help on server command '?' terminated - Alfredo Tupone
  • Fixing bzflag use of system-wide regex (--without-regex) - Alfredo Tupone
  • Adding destination info to chat message log - Alfredo Tupone
  • Adding syntax check to duration parameter of ban cmds - Alfredo Tupone
  • Hud outlines go transparent with the hud panel - Jeff Myers, Daniel Mulford
  • Better progress info when downloading textures - Garrett Padera, Jeff Myers
  • Add Quake3 BSP import to modeltool - Jeff Myers
  • Exit BZFS if -g is used with -mts or -mps - Joshua Rogers
  • Experimental server colorizing in server list - Frank Thilo
  • Added sort options to "/replay list" and "/record list" - Mark Thomas
  • Map mismatch fixed - Alfredo Tupone
  • Quick server command key works better - Alfredo Tupone
  • Default server side plugins added to windows build - Jeff Myers
  • Include web token verification script - Garrett Padera
  • Fix texture cache on windows. - Jeff Myers
  • Disallow + or @ as first char of callsign (bzfs) - Mark Thomas
  • Wait for reverse DNS and authentication to enter game - Alfredo Tupone
  • Antiban works even on IP number - Alfredo Tupone
  • Sort lagstat to have non-observer at the bottom - Thomas Stauer
  • Authentication credential are requested asap - Alfredo Tupone
  • Allow the use of game device sliders as axes on Windows - Daniel Remenak
  • Directional force feedback support - Daniel Remenak
  • New icon and menu arrow - Harry Keller, Jeff Myers
  • Special effects for many events - Jeff Myers, Daniel Remenak
  • Server-side plugin API and plugins - Jeff Myers
  • Join menu displays team icon - Daniel Remenak, Harry Keller
  • Implemented "-advertise" option for bzfs - Mark Thomas
  • The url now does not contain the password (sent with POST) - Tupone Alfredo
  • Fixing Tiny tank shooting from the world edge - Tupone Alfredo
  • Fixing client requesting lan server on some systems - Tupone Alfredo
  • Observer are no more hunted - Tupone Alfredo
  • Added 'Always Show Team Scores' option (GUI Options Menu) - Mark Thomas
  • Added beautify scores - Julio Jimenez
  • Added scoreboard sort option - Mark Thomas, Karsten Behrmann
  • Shots fired over the boundary wall end at the wall - Daniel Remenak
  • Increase range of radar size setting in GUI Option menu - Mark Thomas
  • Fixed Menu rendering when radar size is great - Sean Morrison, Mark Thomas
  • Fixed Linux name resolution (server list) problem - Sean Morrison
  • Fixed Jitter problem on Windows, clock was wrong - Alfredo Tupone
  • Windows platform can switch from SDL to native - Alfredo Tupone
  • Instruction for X-build from linux to windows - Alfredo Tupone
  • bzflag is much less blocking with libcurl - Alfredo Tupone
  • Using c-ares instead of adns for DNS resolving - Alfredo Tupone
  • Added CTF capture event trigger for world weapons - Jeff Myers, Nathan Goings
  • FlipZ on meshpyrs behaves as expected (like pyramids) - Daniel Remenak
  • Fixed /set and /reset command case bug - Daniel Remenak
  • Fixed crash on /ban without -banfile - Daniel Remenak
  • Shot reload timer on the HUD - Daniel Remenak
  • Added timestamp to bzfs DEBUG output, and new CL option (-ts) - Mark Thomas
  • Players without TALK can send to the Admin group - Sean Morrison
  • Fixed bzfs crash because poll kick/ban - Julio Jimenez
  • Allow additional group modify permission lines - Frank Evers
  • bzfs creates default groups before parsing groupdb file - Frank Evers
  • +ALL and -ALL adds/removes all perms from a group in groupdb - Frank Evers
  • Support for +,- and ! operators in bzfs' groupdb file - Frank Evers