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BZFlag 2.4.16

Release Date
Release Name
"Reduce, Reuse, Replay"

Change Summary

This release primarily fixes a bug introduced in 2.4.14 that corrupted replay file headers. This release reverts that change, and can also read the corrupted header for replays made with the bad code.

NOTE: Sound in the the Windows version of this release does not work. This will be fixed in the 2.4.18 release.

Change Log

  • Send MsgFlagGrab before API event is called - Jeff Myers, Vladimir Jimenez
  • Correctly unmuted when paused and killed by server - Alfredo Tupone
  • Format codebase to allman style - Jeff Myers, Scott Wichser
  • Use GLEW for obtaining OpenGL entry points and checking for extensions - Alfredo Tupone
  • Revert a80ab87 (truncation warning fix) as that generated broken replay file headers. Detect and work around that bad header. - Joshua Bodine, Vladimir Jimenez, Scott Wichser
  • Use pkg-config, if available, to detect ncurses - Scott Wichser, Joshua Bodine, Alfredo Tupone